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In our company, with our 12 years of experience in the label sector, we produce printed / unprinted labels in accordance with the needs of our customers and the sectors they serve.

In addition to our label production, we provide our customers with Ribon, Barcode Printer, Spare Parts, Hand Terminal, Barcode Reader Sales, Spare Parts Sales and After Sales Service Support services for these products, which are used in barcode systems.

In our label production track, there are 2 Gallus and Semi Rotary Letterpress Printing Machines, 3 Cutting and 3 Quality Control machines.



Color Label




Fluorescent Label


Fixture Label


Medical Label


Shelf Label



Products and Services
In accordance with the raw material and adhesive properties that can be applied directly to the product and the packaging of the product in accordance with the floor, usage area and conditions of the labels,
• very colorful,
• unprinted,
• compatible with the cold food chain,
• can be planted on the sack,
• resistant to outdoor weather conditions and heat,
• flat and rough, glass, plastic, metal, wood etc. can be used on different grounds,
• which does not leave traces or can crumble when removed from the surface,
• fabric labels, non-adhesive cardboard labels,
• We produce labels with boilerplate labels and specifications, to the extent our customers demand.
We create our label works that require design by evaluating them with our customers.
In addition, we supply Thermal Transfer, Wax, Resin, Wax Resin, D110A, Date Coding ribbons compatible with our customers' printers.

Label Production
We are happy to offer you the best service with our Makna Park and Business Experience that has been developing since 2006.
Thanks to our Gallus and Flexo Machines, we can produce printed labels up to a full CMYK 1.5 Tram Value. All kinds of labels in our printed production.
We can print on raw materials, coated, vellum, pp, silver mat, gold gilding pp silver gilding pp, etc. .

Label Design
When you pay thousands of liras to agencies for label design, we no longer need to design perfect product labels with very small amounts and unlimited revisions.

Quality control
All of our Printed Unprinted labels pass Professionally through our quality control machines regardless of quantity and amount.
Printed and Unprinted labels that pass the quality control stage are packaged to withstand Shipping Conditions.

Ribon (Wax - Wax Resin - Resin)
You should use ribbon to print on all labels except the thermal label.
For each label, a different ribbon raw material is used. You can call us to get detailed information and to find out which ribbon you need. .


Wax Ribbon 
Wax Ribbons are generally used in Paper-Based Labels. If they are exposed to external factors, they can be deleted.

Wax Resin Ribbon
Wax Ribbons are Usually Used in Paper and Pilastic Based Labels They can be wiped at the discretion of external factors. They are more durable than wax ribbons.

Resin Ribbon
They are used in all materials based on Pilastic Cardboard Paper, they are resistant to external environments ...

Textile Ribbon
Detailed information for please contact us.


TSC Barcode Printers
Argox Barcode Printers
Zebra Barcode Printers
Toshıba Barcode Printers
Sato Barcode Printers
Barcode Readers
Hand Terminals
We sell sales service and spare parts of related brand barcode printers.
You can call us for detailed price and product information about barcode printers.

Best Print on Barcode Printer 
When printing logos or images on barcode printers, there may be breakage in your printouts, so you should always put images such as logo pictures into the bartender program in vector format, so you can get clearer prints.

Bartender Program Label Design
If you are having problems with label design while using Bartender program, you can get bartender label design support from us.


With our 12 years of experience in the label industry ...




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